Whether the goal of your small business is to earn more cash or gain greater influence, Dreamclinic can help you get the results you’re after.

Brand Evaluation

As an established small business, you probably have a logo or at least some minor branding completed. We provide a FREE Brand Evaluation to all of our small business clients to help you measure the effectiveness of your current business image.

In the case that everything is in good shape, we can start where your previous designer left off or complement the work you’ve done yourself through our on-demand services.

If by chance your logo or branding have a little dust on them, we can work together to modernize and enliven your business image.

Design On-Demand

You might need new business cards or a brochure designed to showcase a new product. Our Adobe Certified Expert graphic designers can create material that’s consistent with your existing brand.

Many small businesses struggle to afford an in-house designer, let alone an entire design team. We understand that struggle and want to meet you where you are. That’s why we don’t haggle over prices and offer our design services for one low, hourly flat-rate.

For small businesses that are in need of routine design work, we developed our Dreamclinic Premium service which offers UNLIMITED* design work for one low monthly rate. You also get to skip the line with guaranteed deadlines.


Second to branding, nothing hurts your company’s potential to grow more than having a bad website. You might need an entirely new approach. Maybe it’s just been awhile since you’ve updated the information on your website, or your previous designer locked you out of being able to make future updates on your own. Our web designers can make even the most tired of websites look fresh, and we’ll tear down those pay-walls the big agencies build to keep you from controlling your website. In the end, your website will start working for you.

No matter how great the website design, it is woefully incomplete without a deliberate marketing strategy behind it. You may have heard of things like SEO, social media marketing, and AdWords, but you have no idea where to begin. Our marketing strategy services are tailored to help you get leads that convert into real business. Imagine that: getting a return on your investment. It’s not a pipe dream. We get results for our clients every day.


Graphic Design

Graphic design that begins with pen & paper, crafted by hand specifically for you by our Adobe Certified Expert Graphic Designers. More...

Branding + logo design

Going beyond logo design, we take a fresh approach to building relevant brands that focus on the unique characteristics of our clients. More...

Website Design

We believe boring websites are a sin and broken sites are a crime! Not only will your site look amazing, it will convert visitors into customers. More...