Dreamers Only

Scope of Work

Graphic design is a wide open space. Our Dreamers Only premium monthly plans are just one of many ways we can help you to bring your creations to life. They include fast turnarounds at reasonable prices, and come with a 14-Day satisfaction guarantee. 

To determine if your project is suitable for the Dreamers Only plan, consider this question:

Can you easily explain or show us what you want created?

If so, great! Odds are, it will be listed in this scope of work. If it isn’t, the Dreamers Only plan may not be the right fit for you. Don’t worry. Outside of the plan, we can typically design anything you can dream of creating. Call us at (918) 970-0464 to discuss your ideas further.

Print Projects
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Outdoor Graphics
  • Retail Graphics
  • Product Labels
  • Stickers
  • Event Flyers
  • T-Shirt Graphics
PRO-Only Projects
  • Logo Updates
  • 2-3 Second GIFs
  • Light Website Design*
  • Original Branding & Logo Design
  • Advanced Illustrations
  • Powerpoint Presentations
Digital Projects
  • “HERO” Images
  • Website Graphics
  • Blog Headers
  • Email Headers
  • E-Commerce Graphics
  • Digital Ad Graphics
  • Background Graphics
  • Simple Infographics
NOT Supported
  • Video or Motion Graphics
  • Extremely complex Illustrations
  • Interactive PDF Documents
  • Complex Photoshop editing
  • 3D / CAD
  • HTML / CSS
  • Programming or Coding

You also may find that due to the scope and complexity we might be a better fit for some projects, and not others. Use your best judgement and please communicate with your designer. We want the most successful working relationship for everyone.

Fast Turnaround

Our Dreamers Only premium monthly plans provide fast turnarounds, rivaling other major graphic design services. How quickly your artwork is completed is determined by three factors:

  1. How long you and your designer have been working together.
  2. The number of active requests you have open in the queue.
  3. The complexity of the request.

On average, Standard account users receive first concept or next revision in 1-2 business days. 

Pro users benefit from real-time communication through Slack and faster turnaround times, including same-day design delivery. Although Pro’s turnaround time is fast, the number of requests delivered each business day will differ on the complexity or weight of per request sent. To have your requests worked on that business day, requests must be submitted prior to 4PM Central.