Just like our human DNA shapes us into individuals, your company’s BRAND DNA establishes what makes you different from the rest of the pack. Branding is more than skin-deep. It’s not a superficial collection of images, colors, or sounds. It’s at the core of your company’s existence. It answers the 4 questions every customer asks before they consider your company or its services.

  • Do I know you?
  • Do I understand you?
  • Does it matter to me?
  • Do I trust you?


Do I know you?

Your Corporate Identity is such an important piece of your overall brand that most people consider the two synonymous terms. The specific combination of images, colors, and sounds that are associated with your company – the logo, the jingle, the tagline on every commercial – dictates your first impression with the public. And as we all know, a good first impression goes a long way to ensuring your company is considered a real contender for potential business.


Do I understand you?

The first sin of branding is to confuse your customers. Nothing will contribute to your company’s success more than a well-established brand strategy. Customers need to quickly understand your brand’s message so they feel confident. The best brand strategy is one that communicates your company’s culture and values in such a simplistic way that customers easily adopt them as an expression of their own.


Does it matter to me?

Your brand has to do more than simply tell your company’s story. That story has to matter to your potential customers. Your Brand Experience has to be one that touches people on a more profound level than simple consumerism. Are you solving a problem, giving people back their time, or simplifying a complicated task? Is your passion for providing your services apparent in every way your customers experience your brand? This is what separates ordinary brands from exceptional brands.


Do I trust you?

Your Brand Confidence is what keeps customers loyal and it’s what turns them into evangelists for your services. Ultimately, what makes a customer consider your company over another comes down to trust. People who are referred to a company from a trusted friend or relative are more likely to hold that company in high esteem. You can only promote this confidence by building a genuine brand that has real values and an authentic culture. You have to deliver and be consistent with your identity, message, and execution.

relevant brands

Through our fresh approach to creative design and story crafting, we build relevant brands that focus on the unique characteristics of your company. We develop your brand by leveraging the critical steps visionaries and craftsmen have followed for generations.

  • Through our interviewing process we dig deep to unearth the hidden details that surround your brand.
  • We look past the reports and search for the uncommon connections to provide context and inspiration for your story.
  • We get our hands dirty putting ink to paper, deliberately establishing and refining the message, values, and culture your brand will be built upon.
  • A great story is worthless if it isn’t told. We put our efforts behind building audiences, potential stakeholders, and future customers for your brand.

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